//Get To Known MEMZ Trojan Virus. What is it?

Get To Known MEMZ Trojan Virus. What is it?

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MEMZ Virus Trojan Sample
Source: Windowsreport.com

MEMZ Virus. While many others people out there are busy with the hottest ransomware “WannaCry”, I want to share a little bit about this “cute” virus. You must be familiar with meme and cat “Nyan”, right?. Better known as animated “GIF” animated images, GIFs are used to express something or just “fun only” in a conversations, forums or on posts. Well, what if those GIF troops attacked your computer and were taken over by a bizarre GIF picture and also after it was taken over by the big boss of the “Nyan” cat? (got it, okay?). For noob who knows nothing of course panic by this virus. Based on the Microsoft Answers forum and Windows Report, the virus named “MEMZ” is a type of trojan virus is created by a clever youtuber Leurak, one of the viewers and programmers, created only for “fun only” purposes.

Leurak aims to make this virus only for one of Youtuber danooct1 For the “Viewer-made Malware” video series and again, for “fun only” and “testing only” purposes. Leurak (or danooct1) also personally sent it to several others to “play around” with this virus, and some recipients failed to follow Leurak’s instructions to DO NOT share it or spread out with their buddys or others people (or for prank whatever the reasons), the worst is, to the world. This virus actually has been around since 2016 and still have the infection because it was intentional or unintentional (mostly intentional but don’t know what it means, well duh?). ’till now there has been no attention from Microsoft (maybe) about this and some victims got headache due to limited info to get this things killed.

This trojan virus “custom-made” is very complex and unique, which can give you “pain in the ass” while your computer slowly overwhelming. Once the computer is infected, the virus will display a message informing users that they will not be able to use their machine if they turn it on again.

If your computer has been infected with this virus and wants to “turn it off” via Task Manager, your computer will be stuck in place. The end of the “show” of this virus begins when restarting your computer. When your computer starts up, your computer will not be able to run your OS, instead it will display a “horrible scarry af” message like this: “ Your computer has been trashed by the MEMZ Trojan … Now enjoy the Nyan cat … ” After That, Nyan Cat will dancing over your monitor and take over your computer. But do not get too panicked seriously because this virus does not destroy your entire computer and data (not sure, you can panick now). The worst effects only attack the MBR, unlike ransomware, you can “recover” your BIOS, but it’s gonna hurts. There is a statement from one user saying, after the computer is restarted, MEMZ will delete the OS and the entire contents of disk C:\ (if this your default disk system) will be erased / formatted totally and replaced by Nyan Cat which is less hope to restore your OS data. And from that, NEVER TRY THE MEMZ VIRUS IN YOUR OWN WORK/DAILY COMPUTER.

Why use Nyan Cat as a “trademark” as its bootloader? well, I don’t know, from the beginning only to have fun, or it could be Nyan Cat is the queen of the virus. Oh yes, if you have not restarted your computer that has been infected with this virus yet, MEMZ will ravage your computer from open random website, replace the cursor icon, etc. (yeah, chaos continue). There are two versions of this MEMZ virus that is one: a less dangerous version which is used for “fun”; second: a malware version that attacks your MBR (Master Boot Record). And from I can remember, this virus is the latest version. The latest version gives more warning to avoid previous events. I also see this virus is in the GitHub repository that the possibility of this virus has been “Open Source”.

If you still curious about this (and confuse with my horrible writes), here’s the experiment video I found on YouTube.

How To “Kill” MEMZ Trojan Virus

If you are infected, DO NOT RESTART / SHUTDOWN YOUR PC. Follow the following steps.
– Go to start menu/start screen and type “Command Prompt” without quotes, right-click “Run as Administrator”, then select YES.
– Type taskkill / f / im MEMZ.exe then enter. This command will stop all MEMZ processes without making your system “crash”.
– The bad news is, Nyan Cat will still perform and take over the system after your PC restarted. (Which is useless, because the PC is f% up anyway, quote from video description)
– Therefore, immediately reinstall your Windows via ISO based the OS you need. Make bootable flash drive to reinstall your OS or (advance users) if your OS is Windows 8.1 / 10, try via Reset PC (but Reset PC does not seem to work anyway but worth to try).

More less, you can watch this video about how to get rid of it below.

Once again I really warn you, This is just for test only and to be “have fun” if you willing destroying your computer. Never try on your main computer. If you want to try, only try in virtual machine. So far it will not affect the real PC you use. If you don’t know anything about this, NEVER TRY, EVER .

Okay, enough for the creppy meme and horrible article. I just hopefully will be useful. Stay Safe! #peaceout