//Fix Start Menu Is Not Responding On Windows 10

Fix Start Menu Is Not Responding On Windows 10

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Maybe for some user have upgraded to Windows 10 have some problem, which one of the problem is Start Menu on Windows 10 is not responding or can’t open it. And today we will share how to fix cannot open Start Menu or not responding on Windows 10 shortly.

Start Menu on Windows 10

Before we doing this, you need to create system restore point, so we can revert back if something break or something we didn’t expect. Make sure you have enough space (Min. 8 GB free storage space) to create system restore point. Follow the tutorial from this link to create system restore point easily. And next, we begin the troubleshooting.

  1. Run the following command using command prompt to run System File Checker.

sfc /scannow

Then, restart your pc after the scanning finished and see if this help.

  1. If still, there’s another way to fix this. With restarting Windows Explorer. Right click on the taskbar then click Task Manager. Another way to open Task Manager is using shortcut keyboard. Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC combination and voila!, Task Manager is opened. Next, click ‘More Details’ and then find the Windows Explorer processes on Windows Processes category. After you found it, right click then click ‘Restart’. It will blank for a while (And don’t panic, okay?) and wait about 1-2 minute to Windows Explorer running again. Is it work?

  2. If still not work, then go to next step. Create full Start Screen. Activated Tablet Mode from Action Center. Wait for 5 sec and turn off back. Wait for 5 sec and check if this work.

  3. If the problem still goes on, we’ll try another way to fix it with repair Windows Image. Open CMD and then copy-paste the following code below:

Dism /Online /Cleanuo-Image /RestoreHealth

Then hit Enter. Wait until the progress done and after that restart your pc. Hope this time your pc is running well again.

  1. Still facing the problem? no worry. Use this tool from Microsoft called Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter. Get it from this link.

  2. Not yet? there’s a step and you will not like it. Run PowerShell from Windows Search on the taskbar or Cortana (if you activated) and type powershell then right click and click Run As Administrator. If the taskbar is not responding too, we will post the tutorial soon. And the alternatif is using Task Manager. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on the keyboard and Task Manager is running. Go to File > Run New Task. Type powershell and check the box ‘run this task with administrative privilages’. UAC window will appear and click ‘Yes’. Windows PowerShell is opened.

Copy and pasti the following command below the press Enter:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

(Warning: After Windows 10 November Update, if you do this step to fix the problem with Appx PowerShell cmdlet, it will broke your Windows Store Apps that installed on your pc. So we don’t recommend you do this.)

  1. Facing it the problem? then this is the last step we will give to you to fix the problem. Create a new user with command prompt and don’t forget to run as administrator. Type the following command below then hit Enter:

net username /add

Replace ‘username’ with your new name (ex: Joe Smith) and wait ’till done. After done, login to your new user account. May this help you to fix this.

From those step we have explained, can you open the Start Menu again? which step? tell us on the comment box. May this help you.