//(How-To) Disable Cortana on Windows 10 1607 Version (Anniversary Update)

(How-To) Disable Cortana on Windows 10 1607 Version (Anniversary Update)

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On previous build, we can disable Cortana easily through the setting page. But, since Windows 10 1607 Anniversary update version, Microsoft make it the setting disappear and push it to use her. The settings only “Hey Cortana” and the others. For you guys don’t like her, it’s a bit sucks, you know. But, honestly, she’s kindly usefull like she is really your digital assistant to do task¬† (and bit fun) for you. Like, reminder, find some place, the weathers, and joke. But, if you still think she’s sucks, follow this simply step to make her gone away on Windows 10 1607 Anniversary update version.

NB: For your safe, you should create system restore point before doing anyhting to changing Windows system. It’s too much, but it worth it.

A. For Windows 10 Home Edition

Note: Regedit is powerfull and pretty risky to modified Windows. Be carefull. If you the advance user, maybe you’ll be fine. If you don’t know this, just follow as our instruction only.

  1. Open Regedit by pressing “Windows key” and letter “R” on your keyboard, then type “regedit” on the box and press Enter. When UAC window appear, select YES.

Opening regedit on Run Command

  1. After that, navigate to the following key below in the left sidebar

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search Regedit Window on Windows 10

  1. If you don’t see “Windows Search” key, then create the key by right click “Windows” key and click “New” and select “Key”. Name it to “Windows Search”.
    Create a key on Regedit Windows 10
  2. Then right click “Windows Search” key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it “AllowCortana” without space. Let the value to 0 to disable (change 1 to enable).
    Configure Cortana on Regedit Windows 10 Home
  3. After you did all, restart your PC and Cortana will gone as you wish. But you can activate her back by change “AllowCortana” value to 1 and then restart your PC.

There’s an easy way if you don’t want play and mess up with regedit by download the key here. After you download, extract ZIP using WinRAR or else and there’s 2 files “Disable Cortana” and “Enable Cortana”. To disable, double click “Disable Cortana” and UAC window will appear then select YES. There’s a warning, click YES and OK. Restart your PC to take effect. And she’s gone. To make Cortana come back, same way on above but double click “Enable Cortana”. Restart your PC to take effect. And she’s come back.

B. For Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise Edition

In this edition, the easy way is open Group Policy. You can disable Cortana on there.

  1. Open Group Policy by press “Windows Key” and letter “R” on your keyboard, then type “gpedit.msc” without quotes and press Enter. Group Policy window will be appear.

Opening Group Policy on Windows 10

  1. After opened, navigate to “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Component > Search” on the left sidebar

Group Policy Editor on Windows 10

  1. Double-click “Allow Cortana” and select “Disable” then click OK.

Configure Cortana on Group Policy Editor on Windows 10

After that, restart your PC to effect the change. Windows will use default Windows search and Cortana disabled.

To enable again, simply. Configure to “Enable” or “Not Configure” then restart your PC to take effect.

Simply, right?. This step also apply if you got mad with her or want to make her your ex. Thanks for coming by the way. Peace.